Monday, August 11, 2008


So his birthday was July 31st and I'm a little behind.... sue me! =o) Sean turned 6 this year and it's hard to believe. Its seems like he's been "old" forever. Anyone have child like this? He talked in sentences at 18 months and has been telling everyone his opinion ever since!! He's direct and to the point but I like that because you always know where you stand with him. He's very gentle and loving and easy going until ya make him mad. Which doesn't happen too often but look out if it does! He's a very hard worker and Bryan and I think he'll be a real cowboy someday. He will work circles around everyone when in the mood and doesn't quit till the job is done. He loves the farm and cowboy boots and just "doing farm life". He's a bit of a perfectionist and wants to quit if he can't do it right the first time. He's a complete mixture of Bryan and Bryan sings "You are my SeanShine" to him as his special thing... he hates it! =) We find it amusing but don't bug him too much with it... too much... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN... WE LOVE YOU!!

And they said they weren't tired.....

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Anonymous said...

HA! You and Bryan are like me and Paul with singing goofy songs to your kids! I can't tell you all of them or Paul would kill me, but for Kyler we sing (from Bye, Bye Birdy - We Love You Conrad), "We love you K-yler, my Kyler-cookie!" and "E-Zekiel, E-Zekiel, we do so love E-Zekiel" to the tune of "O Christmas Tree" This must be why we like you guys so much. You are weird like US! LOL! -Ashley