Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I do not like to debate politics.  I do not like to even give my opinions in this matter because it seems that all of  the politicians are dishonest and vague.   I would not want to be a politician and I pray that God NEVER sends me down that path.   I do think this year's election tho has rallied some interest from people who never give it a thought usually.   Even the younger generation.  My daugther, Elizabeth-19, called the other day all worked up over some things she heard about Obama.  I told her to not complain about them but to do something about it if she feels that passionate.   "What can I do?" she replied.   Well, you could get involved and try to make changes, get informed, and most importantly, pray.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!     She said she's afraid Obama will become president and then we'll all die b/c he's the antichrist.   I told her she should not be afraid, if that were true, b/c IF it were, and we did all die... we would go to heaven anyway so we win either way!    I have my thoughts about all the things that are happening in America and some of them I won't share.   This one I will tho:   Do you really think these things are happening (ie: bad economy, terrorism, crazy election candidates) for no reason?   We have become bored, appathetic, selfish and greedy.   God wants us to want Him so maybe, just maybe, He's allowing some of these things to kick our heads out of our butts and start making Him THE most important thing.    You think??

This is a link to become more informed on your candidates.  I do not have one on John McCain but I will later.


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Hey, beautiful,

Kinda scary having grownup kids in this society without prayer, eh?

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