Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We like to camp. When Bryan and I go alone, I LOVE to camp. With children (this year being seven boys ages 9 and under; including an infant) it tends to put me in crazy mode. Once we are there and are set up, I'm usually fine. The couple of days before we leave however are another story. I'm psycho! I'm not sure what it is about gathering the stuff and trying to organize it all, etc., but it just makes me so cranky that I even annoy myself!! I'm going to try really really hard this year to not be psycho. So far so good! (But we don't leave until Friday so there is plenty of time for this to become a lie...) I think I'm afraid I'm going to forget something. And I try to leave the house clean so we don't come home to mess and clutter so that probably adds to my psycho-ness because the more a mother determines to keep something clean, the more the "child-mess-radar" kicks in. It's uncanny really. Sort of similar to the "mom's on the phone and all of a sudden all children need moms attention even tho they were outside for a 1/2 hour prior and didn't come in ONCE" syndrome. We are going to Sana Clause, Indiana and camping at the Lincoln State Park nearby for 5 days. It's very nice and clean and the sites we got we really liked from the last time we went. Some close friends who have 6 children and Bryan's aunt and step-uncle (who we are very close with more like friends than "aunt and uncle") are coming too. We are going to Holiday World for two days. This is an awesome place. Very very clean, and affordable. It has a huge waterpark and a regular amusement park. There are free drinks all day and free suntanning lotion. It's worth the 5 hour trip there. Altho with the gas prices these days.....


Kristy said...

Oh, I love Holiday World!!
Hope you had great times camping. So what size tent does it take to camp with the King family? Whew!

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