Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It has been forEVER since I have blogged and for the two or three people who actually READ this thing, I'm very sorry!! I will try to do better. I think having dial-up has hindered me more than I care to admit! Then I've had schooling, wife and mom duties and THEN my mother for three weeks here. That's for another story tho......

I never grew up being taught or thinking voting was that important. Maybe it was my parents.... maybe it was sort of how the country was at that time or maybe a combo. Plus, for me, I hate the lying and false claims and just all the C R A P the politicians dole out so I never made it important. I didn't want to think about it because I figured whatever they were saying was a lie anyhoo. I think times have changed. For me AND for this country. I'm going to MAKE it a priority to have my boys grow up knowing the importance of voting and being well informed. My two older girls didn't get that from me and I now have to go back and tell them how important it is. Elizabeth is 19 and does care about who's going to be in office. She moved but didn't register in time and I want to remind her of how important it will be in 2012. Brittni will be 20 then too. (Oh my word, I feel old...)

We talked all day yesterday about voting and how it works and it's importance. We even did some "voting on issues" at the dinner table that our country faces. The boys were mainly clueless as to what those issues meant but that didn't matter. Usually they would vote YES to my question but DAD was able to make them think by saying he didn't think he would vote yes to a particular question. THAT got them thinking "why not?" We also took them with us to the polls today to vote. We both were thinking there would be a huge line but we only were there about 20 minutes. I'm really glad we took them and made them a part of this election.


PreSchoolMama said...

This year we got Kaitlyn involved too. Well actiually she came home chanting someone we weren't for so we told her why we didn't support that person. It was a great teaching moment. With her being our first we sometimes wonder what to share, what not, and what ages? It's tough being a parent some times. I never would have guessed you have daughters that old you look way too young.

G.L.H. said...

Rachel was in kindergarten when Reagan was elected in 1980. She begged to stay up to see the returns. Ever since, we have involved the kids as much as we can.

We've taken Norah and James to the polls since they were born, since our polling place is a block away!